About Rick Miller, LICSW

Rick Miller, LICSW, is a psychotherapist with over 37 years of clinical experience whose career has evolved beyond practicing psychotherapy into becoming an acclaimed expert in interpersonal dynamics.

In addition to his private practice, Rick is an author, business consultant, public speaker, and teacher working with individuals and groups across the globe.

He helps clients and audiences learn how to make life more fulfilling by paying particular attention to feelings and using one’s internal body experiences to achieve success. He emphasizes that everyone has every resource they need within themselves by utilizing this awareness rather than pushing it aside.

Rick is a pioneer in creating mind/body and hypnotic scripts for gay men, has trained medical and mental-health providers how to create and use them, and wrote the first-ever book on the topic. He is the author of two books, writes a regular column for Psychology Today, and is a sought-after interviewee for a plethora of podcasts, articles, and videos. His own articles appear in major professional and popular publications.

More about Rick is at Rick Miller LICSW.


About The Secrets of the Masters

As he went about interviewing clinicians and educators for various conferences, articles, and seminars, Rick realized how tightly professionals guard their personal lives and private feelings, their own histories and even “oops” moments. But why not share those very things that make them feel more approachable, more human, more interesting? And so The Secrets of the Masters was born.

Pre-pandemic, he conceived of a series of interviews of noted authorities done together in informal personal settings; but as travel and meetings became increasingly impossible, Rick switched seamlessly to a video model and feels the results are even better than the process he’d originally envisioned.

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About Gay Sons and Mothers

Rick has brought his model of enhancing richness in interpersonal interactions to the nonprofit organization he founded and of which he is executive director, Gay Sons and Mothers. After learning that there was virtually no literature on the topic of this obviously important relationship, he has created a way of educating groups, businesses, and individuals about the unique and powerful influence mothers have on their gay sons.

More information about Gay Sons and Mothers is at the website.